Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mastering Mia

When quiet, subservient Mia finds herself wanting out of an abusive, controlling relationship, she plans a hasty escape. Joining the military and meeting hot, fit men, she explores her sexuality and finds herself encountering more than one officer with erotic tastes, and a craving for control. Slipping into her submissive ways, Mia struggles with her own dark desires as she tries to find her one true love.

Her innocence and desire to please has a spell bounding effect on the men who taste her, which leads to mysterious murders that baffle the police. When Mia’s suspicions of the culprit prove true, it’s already too late.

Saluting Mia is a tale of romance, lust, sadism, and murder.

This book contains sexually graphic content and violence, intended for mature audiences.

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